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today’s motivational nudge: question your questions

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If you’ve ever been in “why me, why now, why…..” mode, you know that those particular questions can tend to make whatever it is even worse to deal with — especially if you let them take on a life of their own.

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In my experience, a good venting session can be liberating but it only helps for a short while. At some point you slowly start to realize that it’s time for a different plan of action.

Today’s motivational nudge is: Question your questions (especially if you notice that they are not helping the situation).

If you’ve firmly been ensconced in “why me” week, consider pausing for a quick minute to question your particular mindset in this moment.

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Instead of “why me”, switch to — “What can I do to change one thing for the better?“.

Instead of “why now”, switch to — “How can I pivot and grow through this experience?”.

If asking different questions just doesn’t work for you right now, you can always decide to switch back to that much needed venting session..

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Have a great week!


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