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Today’s motivational nudge: Expand on your gratefulness digging a bit deeper

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I like walking into a library in anticipation of all the different opportunities to browse through books that are new-to-me, vividly engaging and with the ability to bring a completely new perspective into being.

Just gazing at the different colored spines of well-worn books makes me wonder if there’s a story in those pages that will walk off of the printed words and grip my interest.

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I think that building on how we find the good in our lives has a similar element. Sometimes it takes swiveling around and looking at all the shelves in our lives to find that brand new or well-worn thing to be grateful for.

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A gratitude practice can deepen if we shift our perspective.

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If you’ve been experiencing hot weather like so many of us have lately, think of all the advantages that having electricity gives us. Dig deeper and think of all the additional advantages technology has given so many in the world in just the past two decades.

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If you’re reaching for a piece of fruit, dig deeper to figure out how that piece of fruit ended up in your kitchen — and the number of people who must have been part of that journey.

Today’s motivational nudge is: Consider making it a daily ritual to take a gratitude pause to spend a little extra time to think about what adds value to your life and how that came to be.

Have a great week!


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