Minimalism – why do we over accumulate things to begin with?

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I’ve been thinking a lot about the reasons why we over accumulate things at times – or more specifically, why I’ve accumulated more things than I’d like to have at different times!

I think collecting things can be a form of self care. Picking up the best, most appealing version of something that we can afford in that moment can be a way of giving ourselves the best at that time. Also, the joy of getting a good deal can be a pick me up as well!

The problem is that once that object comes home to us and eventually starts to collect dust, our own environments become cluttered – especially over long periods of time.

I think media also plays a role. We hear about all the wonderful and necessary reasons we should fill all the gaps in our lives and then get tempted to purchase whatever someone tells us the gap of the moment is.

Did we really need that innovative new do-everything gadget or that particular garment everyone said was on trend for the season? We don’t always pause and clearly envision whether that object is what we actually need in our own lives and whether it truly fits our own lifestyle.

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.This is not to say that shopping for what you need or love isn’t a good thing. We can strike a beautiful balance between the intentional purchase of things we value and need and the letting go of the impulse to buy what looks beautiful from a distance.

I don’t think a focus on de-cluttering is the only answer when thinking of paring down. Stepping back and looking at why we purchase what we purchase is also a necessary part of freeing ourselves from the clutter entering into our homes to begin with. Are we trying to fill a deeper void that needs attention in a different way?

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Just maybe, if we take the time to fill our lives with those deeper, more meaningful experiences and are busy living, creating and contributing, that need to collect more “stuff” could diminish because we’ll be giving our selves what we truly need at a deeper level.

What are your thoughts on the minimalist mindset? Do you find yourself regretting impulse purchases often?

6 thoughts on “Minimalism – why do we over accumulate things to begin with?

  1. I think I have bought far too many clothes over the years due to being regularly convinced that I’m not good enough in what I already have. I feel like a purchase will instantly up my confidence and therefore improve my life. I realise how ridiculous this sounds. I’m trying harder to accept myself as I am and the stuff I have as it is. The joy from buying more is usually only short lived until the insecurity creeps in again and leads to the repetitive yearning for a better purchase and a better me. You cannot buy happiness yet I have tried many times to do so.


  2. My husband and I just purged 50+ years of “stuff” because we decided to become minimalist là and move to Florida. I keep some of my dishes. He kept some of his tools. We donated most of our clothes. And we kept the Art we collected together. It’s refreshing! 💦💫

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