This week’s motivational nudge: Bring your own serenity with you

With all the different stresses we all have in our days, it is easy to see the negative and be quick to criticize. Most of the time a pause, a deep breath and patience, empathy and compassion go a long way toward making most situations calmer and easier to deal with.

Words of the week: “gratitude” and “giving”

This week is the perfect week to think about gratitude and giving more. Gratitude is the simplest way to switch from thinking about what we don’t have to appreciating the abundance of everything that we do have – to switch from feeling disempowered to feeling empowered. It gives us the ability to look at ourContinue reading “Words of the week: “gratitude” and “giving””

How to simplify without feeling like you’re making do with less

So many of us have experienced some form of scarcity at some point in our lives. I find that this feeling of scarcity sometimes rears its head when I try and pare down and move toward a more minimalist, freeing lifestyle. It’s that voice that says “maybe I should save this just in case..”. WhileContinue reading “How to simplify without feeling like you’re making do with less”

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