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Today’s motivational nudge: “You can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes!”

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This stands out to me as the best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten on the subject of valuing time. I remember a teacher from a long time ago yelling at his distracted classroom and telling us – “You can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes! The most important of decisions are made in a minute. Stop wasting your time on all those distractions. Focus on what’s important.”

Of course, that didn’t stick in that particular moment but now as I remember back to that time as a wiser (one hopes!) adult, I realize this advice is very true. You can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes. Every time I think it’s not worth it to spend only 15 minutes on something if that’s the only time I have, I remind myself – it only takes a few moments to call someone and say hi, 10 minutes to start to make inroads into a particular task or project, 5 minutes to finish that chore, 2 minutes to write out a to-do list, 15 minutes to go for a relaxing walk..

Do you find that you can accomplish a lot in a few chosen moments?


6 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: “You can accomplish a lot in 15 minutes!”

  1. I love this, it’s a good idea to think of what you can accomplish instead of feeling let down that you didn’t get everything done! I wish I could write a blog post in 15 minutes, haha, I spend a lot of time on each post. I enjoy the process though, just need to set aside a good hour to complete! 😆 Thank you for sharing! 🥰

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