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How to stop buying the same thing repeatedly – 6 strategies to consider

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Do you ever find yourself buying the same thing repeatedly even if you don’t need it at all? I have been drawn to different versions of the same thing quite often. I truly don’t need something in more than one color. And yet, I’ll find myself scrolling through pages of – you guessed it – different versions of the same thing I love.

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This is not ideal when you’re trying to de-clutter and simplify. I know the reason so many of us do this is because when something feels good once, our brains want to repeat the same experience in different ways.

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It is worth pausing and asking yourself if you truly do need another version of that article of clothing or gadget or thing. Even if it is in a different color, a new version of the technology or not quite identical to what you have at home..

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Here are some good ways to stop that impulse to repeat purchase in its tracks:

  1. Spend time using the original version of what you’d like a duplicate of. If it is a garment, wear it on several different days in one week. Style it differently each time with the goal of letting your subconscious know that you have more than enough of what you’re craving and that buying it one more time will create new clutter.
  2. Think back to when you’ve bought multiples of things. Have you truly enjoyed wearing or using what you have duplicates of or would it have been worth it to wear out the first garment and then buy something that was current and suited you better when you were ready to replace that first garment?
  3. Think of how the money you would spend toward buying multiples could go toward purchasing something else that you’d like to save for.
  4. If you haven’t already, consider putting yourself on a specific monthly budget with guidelines for how you will allocate the money.
  5. Be intentional with your purchases and decide to purchase only what you truly foresee using and enjoying.
  6. Ask yourself if you’re deciding to make this purchase from a mindset of abundance or a mindset of scarcity. If you’re feeling deprived and need to buy multiples of everything because you didn’t have the opportunity at a different point in your life, honor your younger self by acknowledging that you may have not have had enough back then but have more than enough now.
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Do you find yourself wanting to purchase multiples that somehow never get used?


7 thoughts on “How to stop buying the same thing repeatedly – 6 strategies to consider

  1. This post is very timely as I’ve been having looking at new PJ bottoms. I live in them in the evenings, the 2 pairs I have are very old and slightly bobbly but still perfectly functional / comfortable and with no holes. It would be nice to have a new pair, but do I really need them?!

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