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Today’s motivational nudge: Reverse the domino effect from a single not-so-great moment

Definition of domino effect : a cumulative effect produced when one event initiates a succession of similar events – source: Merriam Webster Dictionary
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Have you noticed a pattern on those days when it seems as if one bad moment is multiplying into many such moments? One particularly awkward moment in the form of a rejection, or a small conflict or even something like dropping your coffee on a favorite shirt can lead to a domino effect of not-so-great moments. If we let that one moment get to us, that can lead to another awkward or “I give up” moment and then another…

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If we bring intention, compassion and awareness to that moment instead, we can choose to see that moment for what it is – one isolated instance that doesn’t need to set the tone for the day.

We can decide to step away from that particular situation and get back to our purpose for the day without allowing for a cumulative build up of angst. We can decide to forgive ourselves and others around us for being imperfect and very human.

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If you’re having a particularly challenging day, decide to get back to doing what grounds you and makes you feel most like your best self. Get a workout in. Talk to a trusted family member or friend – someone who finds the positive in things. Go outside for a walk. Listen to your favorite music. Do what empowers you, strengthens you and reverses that domino effect of negativity.

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Every moment is a fresh new moment to live and enjoy – make the rest of your day a medley of joyful, good moments.


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