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The case for a good book and a cup of coffee

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Happy Saturday! Today, I am making the case for taking some time out of your day to sit down for awhile with a book (or e-book!) and your favorite beverage to just enjoy being in a different world.

My favorite kind of book is usually filled with interesting characters from all walks of life getting through their challenges in human, messy, endearing and relatable ways. I like being reminded of the fact that people are still people no matter where we are.

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There is something magical about getting engrossed in a work of fiction or a biography and having it transform my perspective and break through that feeling of being alone when facing a particular challenge that seems unique to me in that moment.

It helps to find characters you can relate to if you’re going through a particularly difficult time. Those are the times when I’d highly recommend picking up books with characters going through similar challenges. Reading about another perspective on how to deal with a similar situation is validating and helpful.

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I love jotting down notes on a notepad as I read. Sometimes ideas jump off of the pages of books – little epiphanies that remind me that we have options and paths forward even when the challenge seems insurmountable. After all, we truly aren’t alone and someone somewhere is going through the exact same thing.

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If you haven’t picked up a book in awhile, make yourself a hot cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever makes you feel comforted, grab a favorite snack and spend some time reading and being transported to a completely different world that may just give you insights into your own world.

Are you in the middle of reading any good books or do you have a book you’ve been wanting to read?

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