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Today’s motivational nudge: Add a little “hygge” or warmth and coziness to your days this week

If you’re not familiar with the concept of hygge, take a look at this lovely article on the Visit Denmark website here. They explain that hygge is an old Norwegian word that made its way into the Danish language at the end of the 18th century. The essence of hygge is described as “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people”.

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I think this is the perfect time of year to add a little hygge to our everyday lives. If you’ve been wanting a little extra warmth and coziness in your daily life, today’s motivational nudge is to find ways to bring the essence of hygge into each day this week.

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>> Make extra time to get together with family and friends in a cozy, relaxed, stress-free atmosphere. Take the time to enjoy favorite, comforting meals together where you can catch up and talk about everything under the sun. Play a board game or find other activities that are fun to do together.

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>> Create a cozy nook at home that is your very own personal sanctuary. Surround yourself with things you enjoy and that give you comfort. This could be anything from a favorite comfortable chair, books you love, soft blankets and cushions that you can cuddle up in and favorite music that immediately fills the air with a melodic and beautifully relaxing sound.

>> Reduce the stress in your life – de-clutter areas that are overwhelming, organize your spaces so you can find what you need at all times, simplify where you can.

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>> Take the time to enjoy the little things like sitting down to read that favorite book with a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite hot and soothing beverage. Unplug from all your devices and just enjoy connecting back to your favorite activities.

>> Slow down a little and pause to enjoy life more. Connect back to nature if you haven’t taken the time to enjoy the outdoors lately. Wear your comfiest clothes and head out for a walk or join in on a group activity outdoors with friends and family.


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