December theme – It’s time to stay active!

Happy December! In an effort to gather up the motivation to resist holiday treats and stay disciplined with having an exercise routine, I’ve decided to make this the month to be motivated about staying active and not let the holidays or the end of the year be that excuse for waiting until January to thinkContinue reading “December theme – It’s time to stay active!”

Avoiding the feeling of burnout – 8 simple strategies

Giving your all to absolutely everything isn’t always the most productive way to go. It’s funny how just going through the everyday routine can lead to a feeling of burnout when you least expect it if self care isn’t part of that routine. To avoid this, I think it is important to prioritize continually rechargingContinue reading “Avoiding the feeling of burnout – 8 simple strategies”

7 healthy, caffeine-free beverages to try at home

Coffee is my beverage of choice in the morning. I also love black tea and hot chocolate. These are all, unfortunately, caffeinated beverages and not the healthiest options to have during all hours of the day. In an effort to make getting those 8 glasses of water a day easier, I’ve switched over to theseContinue reading “7 healthy, caffeine-free beverages to try at home”

Finding consistency – how to stop thinking of a healthy lifestyle as a one time event

When writing this, I didn’t know whether I wanted to lament about how hard it is to be consistent with healthy habits or to share tips and strategies that have worked well for me in the past that I am kick starting again.

Are 30 day challenges worth it in the long term?

Last year, when the pandemic gave us all pause, I decided to focus on my health and challenged myself with different, easy 30 day challenges to add different types of low impact exercise, better nutrition, more hydration.My aim was to have a healthier routine and a better exercise schedule. Was it worth it? Yes, ofContinue reading “Are 30 day challenges worth it in the long term?”

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