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Today’s motivational nudge: Choose the strong yes

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Boundaries can be all about saying no.

We so often don’t talk about our “yeses”..

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There are so many types of yeses. Some of the more popular ones are –

  • the “Well, …. Okay,…. I guess….” yes
  • the “I can only do this for 5 minutes…and then I have to go...” yes
  • the “Sure…, why not…” yes
  • the “Absolutely, I’d love to…” yes, and
  • the “When can we start, I would have done this yesterday if I had known about this!” yes..
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If the average ratio of your weekly “yes count” has been skewing more toward the “Well, ….Okay,….I guess….” mindset of that spectrum lately, then maybe this is the week to choose the stronger yes option more often.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Make this week all about choosing the action with the strong yes.

If you’re feeling wishy-washy and dragging your feet about a particular thing, pause and ask yourself why that is. Maybe you need to do something entirely different or maybe that specific thing needs to be done differently?

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Wishing you a week of joyful, resoundingly strong, yeses.

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Have a great week!


11 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Choose the strong yes

  1. Asking yourself questions like this always helps align yourself with life. It really is a problem if most of your life is just ‘meh’, instead of ‘hell yes’. But that requires a lot of reflection, which this post works as a great reminder to do. Thanks for this post!

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