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Today’s motivational nudge: Choose to embrace the present

Nostalgia can be heart-warming when we’re thinking back to times that were filled with love and laughter. It can also be something that can create a sense of longing for things that aren’t the same in the present.

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Focusing on looking backward or continually wishing for something in the future can take away from the joy in the potential of this very moment.

In those moments, if you’re feeling a sense of lack, get up and decide to do something positive in this moment. Pay attention to all that’s good around you and decide to take advantage of this precious time.

Lean into a deep acceptance of where you are right now and choose to be present.

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Making today just as special as the moments you remember from all that time ago will honor both the past and the present.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Embrace the present. Make this week special in all the little and big ways.

Have a great week!


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