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Word of the week “stillness”

The thought of being completely still for 10 minutes and not succumbing to the pull of a distraction can seem like an improbable ask for most of us.

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And yet, we would all function so much better as humans if we paused and were still for just a few moments a day. Stepping outside for a few moments, breathing deeply and just taking in the sounds and colors of nature can be one of the best ways to build in a serenity break into a distraction filled day.

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I thought that a focus on “stillness” and building reserves of calm and peace would be a beautiful way to start 2023.

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

Wishing you a wonderful week and serene start to 2023!


10 thoughts on “Word of the week “stillness”

  1. This is such an interesting word to pick for the beginning of the year. Most people are scurrying around trying to complete their New Year’s resolutions. This is a good reminder to schedule some time for meditation.

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