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Word of the week: “release”

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Since this is the last week of the year, a good word for the week that feels appropriate is “release”.

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It is time to release 2022 and let go of any bad energy that lingers from anything we weren’t happy about this year.

While technically, the new year is just a change of date, it can also represent an opportunity to look at the world with renewed optimism and find ways to aspire for everything we let go of all over again.

It can be a time to think of creative new ways to address existing challenges.

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I love this time of the year because, for me, it symbolizes hope, family, connection, and turning the page to reveal a beautiful, new and unwritten chapter.

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I don’t like to create New Year resolutions. I do, however, like to challenge myself to set goals that spark joy, are fun and are something to look forward to. Decluttering is also usually in that mix!

From that perspective, letting go of the old to ring in the new feels like a way to recalibrate to a happier, clearer, more peaceful state of being.

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Are you looking forward to 2023? What are your favorite New Year rituals that you enjoy starting off the year with?

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Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “Word of the week: “release”

  1. Release seems like a great word for this week. I don’t have a lot of New Year rituals but gathering my gratitude for all the good in 2022 and releasing the weight of what didn’t happen in the year seem like great intentions for the week!

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    1. Gathering gratitude for all the good in 2022 is a lovely way to end the year. I always have that list of “should have done” things at the end of the year. It’s good to let go of all the “shoulds”.. :).. Have a great week.

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