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Today’s question of the day: Habit Stacking – yay or nay?

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The idea of habit stacking has gained more validation and visibility over the past couple of years — this is the idea of anchoring a new habit to an existing habit so you can utilize an existing neural pathway to help with building a new neural pathway.

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An example of this is to link thinking of what you’re grateful for to brushing your teeth in the morning. That way, you can count on starting your morning from a place of gratitude because brushing your teeth is most likely already ingrained in your schedule.

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The question here is — are we adding too much to what may be stressed out lives when we do this? Maybe brushing our teeth without thinking of anything is a daily meditative experience within itself.

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Another option could be to find a way to slow down and to remove something distracting from your schedule before adding something new and good to your routine. Taking a moment to ask yourself whether you need to pause, breathe and let go of one thing that may not be serving you could be a good starting point for change as well.

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What is your preferred way of starting a new habit? Do you like the idea of habit-stacking when changing up your routine?

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Have a great week!


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