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Today’s motivational nudge: Avoid those Black Friday Sales – instead, customize and curate

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The funny thing about decluttering is that you can’t just do it the one time and then collapse into a puddle of relieved relaxation for weeks.

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If we have to spend so much of our lives in a repetitive mode of streamlining, clearing out and minimizing the clutter, why not use that time to curate and creatively customize what surrounds us?

There is something to be said for the soulful curation of your environment – and taking that time to make your surroundings beautifully yours.

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Each time you go through a decluttering phase, if you customize that area so it is more appealing aesthetically and just a little more functional for you, you’ll find yourself giving yourself a silent pat on the back for a job well done.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Stay strong when you’re inundated with Black Friday sales marketing – instead pull out something you haven’t used in awhile and bring it into everyday use..if you don’t love it, let go of it and do the same with something else. Use this time to customize and curate your environment instead.

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Have a lovely, purpose-filled week!


4 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Avoid those Black Friday Sales – instead, customize and curate

  1. The thing about Black Friday sales is that sometimes the prices aren’t honest either. Another tactic I use to resist sales is to look at all I already have and be thankful for them. Cheesy, I know. But it does help shift the mindset.

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