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The centering quality of calming routines

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When I think of “coming back to center“, I think of getting back to feeling serene and connected to that place of inner strength we each have within us.

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If we were to delve deeper into what specifically makes for a routine that adds balance and mind-body nourishment into a hectic or distraction-filled day, we would be able to pinpoint exactly how we want to feel and how to elicit that state of being on a consistent, everyday basis.

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For me, some of the most cherished outcomes of healthy routines (or those inherently nourishing systems that function as anchors during stressful times) are the three below:–

  1. They add to a sense of calm
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I think it can be helpful to take a quick step back and take an inventory of our own specific routines and ask ourselves the question: “Does this add to or reduce distraction in my life?”

It is entirely possible to add in daily rituals that decrease rather than add to the stress in our lives.

A habitual routine of distractedly scrolling through our phones first thing in the morning ensures that we’re starting the day filled with the stress that may come from having read through all the negative news blasts of the day.

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On the other hand, a daily morning routine of journaling, exercise, meditation, sitting down for an appealing breakfast and setting an intention to focus on meaningful priorities for the day can be grounding and much more peaceful.

A centering routine is a way to add more certainty to the day and more intention to how we plan to move through the moments.


2. They help to simplify what can be complicated

If we can create predictability by automating things that are need-to-do’s, we can simplify some of those stressful processes that are part and parcel of daily life.

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This can encompass preparing in advance for a variety of activities.

We can simplify our weeks by planning the night before for the next day and by making and reviewing that to-do list or set of priorities and over-arching goals. Most importantly, we can anticipate upcoming stressors and take the time to figure out how to decrease their impact.


3. They help you align with what is important to you

A routine doesn’t have to be solely about productivity and getting things done. It can also be a place of comfort to come to on a regular basis — a place that brings you back to what is important and meaningful to you.

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This could be a daily journaling practice, a daily meal at a specific time of day that connects you back to family, a weekly coffee get-together with friends — anything that makes you feel most like your true and best self.

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I think it can be helpful to remind ourselves of all the ways we can get back to center if we’ve been occupied by distractions that have been taking us away from our true priorities.


What are some of your favorite centering routines?

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Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “The centering quality of calming routines

  1. This is wonderful and hit home with me this weekend. Finding center definitely helps soothe the soul. I get stretched so thin with time and others needs that I’ll feel frustrated not fulfilling my own needs. This is a great reminder to take care of ourselves! Excellent post! Thank you! 🥰

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