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Today’s motivational nudge: Honor a like or dislike you’ve been setting aside

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I think it is common to set aside our own likes and dislikes when it comes to activities that seem like a lower priority in our minds. Without even meaning to do it, we can minimize experiencing those sparks of joy that come from listening to our creative instincts.

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This could be as simple as ignoring that nudge within to experiment with a new breakfast recipe in the morning. You may have set aside that sudden impulse to revamp your closet and add in a beautiful, bright color for no specific reason you can think of.

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It could even be that stress-relieving and fun hobby that consistently gets de-prioritized when you consider the mountain of work and chores on your plate.

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On another note, you may also have been avoiding addressing what is mildly annoying but not annoying enough to make an effort to change anything. Maybe you just don’t love the location of a chair or table in a room, or perhaps you can’t be bothered to resolve those minor to-dos around your home that actually bother you each time you’re reminded of them.

The problem with setting aside likes and dislikes on a regular basis is that we’re missing the opportunity to be proactive about adding moments of joy to our days by taking the time to honor our own needs.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Re-prioritize one like or dislike . Put it on the very top of your to-do list and honor what you’ve been setting aside for awhile. Make this the time to acknowledge your internal voice in a way that brings you joy.

Have a great week!


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