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Today’s motivational nudge: Analyzing the word “growth” and choosing progress

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In the plant kingdom, plants are known to have “indeterminate growth” — or the ability to grow indefinitely and continue to add new foliage including leaves, shoots and stems for as long as they have access to water, fertile soil and the appropriate level of sunshine (or temperature control).

Humans, in contrast, are examples of “determinate growth” — we stop growing once we reach maturity and our physical growth is determined to some extent by our genetic programming.

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On the other hand, when it comes to emotional maturity, I think that we, as humans, can decide to choose the path of indeterminate growth.

We can keep learning and growing from our experiences while striving to maintain a growth mindset that helps us process each experience in a way that helps us to evolve and progress further.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Figure out an area of challenge in your life that needs a little more attention — then, step up to the task of finding resources and tapping into knowledge (whether it is from books, articles, people in your life or other inspirational sources..) that will enable you to grow and gain the tools to address what you need to with confidence.

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Have a great week!


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