Today’s motivational nudge: Fill in the details..take that extra time

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If you’ve ever been interested in art, drawing or coloring in a pre-drawn picture, you’ll know that the finishing details (and how you flesh out that initial rough start) make all the difference.

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I think this is true with cooking and baking as well. The final garnishes, the plating of the meal and the presentation can turn that dish from an everyday meal to a special, well-thought out, delicious entree.

With writing, if I leave a rough draft to simmer and come back to it again, the final result is something I like more than I would have if I pressed publish right away.

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I think there is something special about taking that extra time to put those finishing touches on everyday things in life. Often, in that flurry of trying to get everything done, details fall by the wayside — and eventually, it becomes normal to do the absolute minimum and then move on to the next task on hand.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Take at least one thing on your list of things to do today and give it that extra attention to elevate the outcome from “okay” to “special”. You never know, it may just end up making your day that much more special as well.

Have a great week!

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