Self care – thinking of it differently

“Self care” has become that buzzed about phrase that can encompass anything from meditating for a two minutes to immersing yourself in a month long detox to spending time with pets to playing a favorite instrument.

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I’m finding that I need to think of self-care differently than I have in the past in order for it to have that deeper feeling of “I am actually taking the time to take care of what matters to me”.

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I think it can be important to answer the questions below when thinking of taking that extra time for ourselves —

  1. Am I taking the time to check in and ask myself what truly matters to me on a regular basis?”
  2. “Am I neglecting any of my needs – how can I tune into my needs right now and address them in this moment instead of putting them off till the end of the day..or week..or month..?
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Listening to and being present with ourselves matters when thinking of self-care that is relevant to our own unique needs.

It can start with listening yourself for the littlest of decisions – do you want to wear a particular color in the morning, eat something different for breakfast, say no to going to lunch with a friend even though the expectation is that you will go..or do you know at a deep level that you need to address something you’ve been procrastinating about..?

It also encompasses addressing areas of our lives that need attention but have been neglected because we’re too busy or too distracted to spend the time to address them. This could be anything from sitting down to manage our personal finances, our own health or spending that time to address those things at home that need repair.

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Is there any decision little or big where you typically do what’s expected, convenient in that moment or habitual but if you thought about it, isn’t really the best way to honor what you need?

If there is, consider listening to your inner voice in that moment and take the time to make a decision that brings joy, a sense of accomplishment or truly takes care of your well-being.

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I think we can sometimes also get stuck in the feeling that we’re being selfish or frivolous if we listen to ourselves in those moments. If you’ve felt that way, consider thinking of it just a little differently — listening to our own needs is a way of supporting our wellbeing — which is necessary for all the things we need to get done in life, including supporting others.

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Have your thoughts on the meaning of self-care to you evolved over time? What do you associate with self care now?

4 thoughts on “Self care – thinking of it differently

  1. Such interesting and deep questions. With two small children I consider anything that I can sneak in self-care and I don’t want to think about it too deeply lest I discover how lacking I truly am in that department. But your perspective and questions sound wonderful and wise to me to keep in the back on the mind for the moments I do have! Thank you!

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