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Has the pandemic changed your response to previous ways of doing things?

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The pandemic came into all of our lives and gave us an additional source of constant stress that loomed large for years and still continues to give us pause.

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I was reading a book the other day and when it started to get to a part where it got suspenseful and dramatic, I put it down and decided that it would get back to it another time.

When I came back to it day later, I realized that I’d prefer not to add that extra bit of stress at this particular moment — I’d much rather read something engaging that is positive and upbeat instead.

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It is interesting how life in recent times has generated a consistent level of stress and not-so-positive surprises in a way that wasn’t always the case.

I wonder if this has made us all more resilient and open to change as a world population or more prone to seeking out the familiar and comforting..I know we may all be taking the time to figure it out..

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Has your response to everyday things changed over the past two years? Do you gravitate more toward what is comforting and feels uplifting and positive or do you feel you’re back to old routines and looking forward to what’s new and exciting around the corner?


15 thoughts on “Has the pandemic changed your response to previous ways of doing things?

    1. That’s actually good to hear – glad that mostly pandemic-related things aren’t affecting you. We’re seeing more telehealth but in-person care is fairly normal (although lots of staffing shortages). Are you seeing more tele-health because of staff shortages as well?

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  1. I’ve definitely moved to the familiar and comfortable. I had Covid a couple of week ago, and all the rest also gave me time to think about what is important. I am going abroad at the end of August for the first time since September 2019 and I am not looking forward to the 12 hour flight – well, who ever does of course but this time I just can’t be bothered with all the hassle.

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    1. I think so many of us have been thinking about what’s important, sorry you had covid – hope you had a milder version of it! I feel the same way about long flights and worrying about all the issues with possibly catching something. Hope you have a safe, healthy and good trip.


  2. Hi, I think I’m more or less back to life as normal (as far as family events allow), but it was interesting taking my Dad to a doctor’s appointment today and witnessing how he very much described his health as pre and post pandemic. It has had a huge impact on my parents’ lives and health… both mental and physical.

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    1. I know you’ve been going through so much with your parents’ health – it must be stressful to go into the doctor’s office so often, are they still worried about and taking all the precautions for covid? Hope they are both doing better. Glad that you’re back to normal otherwise.

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      1. My Mum has completely forgotten about Covid but her care home take precautions. My Dad in the same care home temporarily seems relaxed about it for now. I fear one of them getting it but also feel that living in complete isolation for the short rest of your life is not the answer..

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      2. Agree, living in isolation doesn’t make sense – they are coming out with the next round of targeted vaccines for the new variants soon I think, my hope is that everyone gets to that herd immunity stage so no one needs to worry about covid at the very sounds like the care home is a good option for your parents..hang in there and please get some rest yourself as well.

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  3. Still not eating inside restaurants. Wearing masks everywhere except outside. Still just not normal. Meanwhile, I’ve entirely quit the news, the NYTimes newsletter (which I used to love), and I only get the NYT alerts on my phone. That’s all I really need to know. Only happy stuff I let in for the most part!

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    1. I know, normal isn’t a word I’d use yet idea to quit the news. I skim through headlines but don’t spend a lot of time reading. I definitely prefer letting in the more positive as well.


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