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Today’s motivational nudge: Under-analyze one thing

If you often tend to overanalyze things, today’s motivational nudge is a fun one –

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🌻🌼 Choose to under-analyze just one thing today 🌼🌻.

If you start to overthink something, just say .. “nope“.. and walk away.

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If you find yourself in the middle of analysis paralysis, picture yourself stepping (or jumping!) out of a puddle and walking on quickly. Then, do just that, and take one simple action that keeps you moving forward.

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Have a great, easier than usual, joy filled day!


6 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Under-analyze one thing

  1. Great advice!! I’m trying to keep things simple as my life is super busy right now. It definitely helps to not fret and do what I can and keep moving forward. 🀩

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