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Getting to Effortless

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It may be time to re-think conventional wisdom that often tells us to raise the bar on our goals and put in the kind of effort that may be utterly exhausting.

While it would be nice to sail through life effortlessly, there’s no denying the fact that we need to put in the effort to make things effortless.

So where can we find the balance between doing that which is exhausting and building toward that which is effortless?

I think one key to this puzzle is to figure out where and how we’re overthinking and complicating the way we do things and then stopping those patterns whenever we can.

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One (familiar to many of us!) example of this is to look at two of the ways we can declutter a pile of random things.

We can quickly sort through, dispose of and/or put away things away without too much thought.

We can also turn it into an overcomplicated process of figuring out how best to utilize each thing and organize it perfectly (…having been there with option two, I can confirm that this can be exhausting!).

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As I write this, I think part of this process includes the work of detaching from perfect outcomes while finding simpler ways of doing things. If we keep working on this consistently, our way of being can become more peaceful and effortless.

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If you’ve been feeling like you’re heading toward burnout in any particular area of your life, this may be the time to step back a little.

Take a little time to figure out a simpler way to accomplish your goals — a way that will support your wellbeing, rather than put you on a path toward exhaustion.

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Do you find yourself overthinking things in some areas of life? What are some of the strategies you use that help you with preventing burnout?


15 thoughts on “Getting to Effortless

  1. Great post, APT! I find that I can easily go into this mode when I’m in bed at night. But I catch myself and say “there is nothing I can do about it right now.” And when I get too caught up in my thoughts during the day, I find that getting outside helps enormously! 🌞

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  2. Sitting here thinking along those same lines. Oh my! My head is all over the place today and I’m clearing the clutter in my office. Have been trying so hard on so many things for so long and it doesn’t always happen the way I like for it to. Seems like if I don’t try hard it does. So maybe it’s time to relax. lol

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  3. i have been fortunate that the things I pursue typically don’t give me burnout, because I only go for things that interest me beyond the inevitable challenges and pain. But I do overthink things, and my method is to choose action over strategy. It might not work for some, but it’s what I uniquely need, since I easily fall into analysis paralysis.

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