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Sparking joy with a gratitude mind map

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If you have no idea what a mind map is, it is exactly like it sounds – a way to express the thoughts and concepts that fill up your mind and link them together in ways that make perfect sense to you.

You can place a central theme in the middle of a blank page of paper and then draw lines to words that occur to you that are linked to your theme.

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A gratitude mind map is especially appealing to me because you can start with the word “grateful” in the center of your page and then point arrows outwards into all the different categories that encompass what you are grateful for in the world around you.

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These can include relationships, nature, career, hobbies, music or anything else that pops up for you when you think of the word “grateful“. Then, you can take each of those categories, and draw arrows to specific words that come up when you think of what you’re grateful for in those specific niches of your life.

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Once you start, you may end up with a beautiful page of connected ideas that encompass all the things you’re grateful for in that very moment.

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Have you tried mind mapping ? If you have, do you find it useful?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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