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This week’s motivational nudge: Lean in to all that is “for” you

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It can be very satisfying and almost enjoyable to grumble about all the things that are just plain against us in this ever-challenging world of ours. I do think that grumbling is easier than counting all the positives and all the things that are actually are going our way.

I’ve always connected with the “take five minutes to write down what you’re grateful for every day” advice. I find gratitude journaling to be grounding and a way to reset to a more optimistic perspective.

This week’s motivational nudge is to take that wise advice a small step further by taking the time to lean into all the things that are “for you” and not against you.

Here are 5 ways (of many!) to do that:

Do More of What You Do Well

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If you know you’re brilliant at bringing people together for projects that contribute to the world, or that you’re exceptionally good at teaching others complex concepts or that you’re good at something that makes you and others around you smile, be more intentional about doing more of that. This will add joy to your daily life and you’ll be adding to others’ experiences in a positive way as well.

Make Your Existing Relationships Stronger (and Build New Ones)

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Look around at all the people in your life and lean into the relationships that are good and could be even better. If you’re feeling isolated at the moment, find all the ways people connect in your community, whether it is through events at a local library or through volunteering at a food bank – and take those opportunities to connect.

Spend that extra time with family and others in your life, call more often — do all the little things like helping out when you see that they could use an extra hand. Remember to reach out on birthdays and important milestones. Connecting with others consistently over time will give you an invaluable and strong social structure that will be there for you in different seasons of life.

Take Advantage of Your Environment

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Lean into all that is good about where you live. If you have a picturesque walking path near you that you can explore more often, make time for slow, meandering walks in the sunshine and take pictures of the beautiful scenery as you walk along. If your town has an exceptional library, explore everything it has to offer more often. Find all that is inspiring in your community and neighborhood and make an effort to connect in to it.

Choose the Healthy Option


Healthy options and healthy decisions are always there for all of us. If you’re looking at a choice of foods at the grocery store, pick up more fruits and vegetables and all that is healthy and energizing. If you have the choice to walk a little more to get to a destination, choose the more active option each time. Lean into the healthier decision each time you have that opportunity and choose to support your future self with that decision as well.

Enrich Your Life With Culture and Art

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Most of us spend at least a little time online every day. Lean into that time as a form of enriching your daily experience. Look up virtual tours of art museums like the Louvre or listen to beautiful music that inspires you. There is so much art and inspiration everywhere – take the time to look for and gain inspiration from it and make those daily decisions that change how you feel about each day.

What are your favorite ways to lean into what is good about your life?


6 thoughts on “This week’s motivational nudge: Lean in to all that is “for” you

  1. Relationships, what we do well, nature, eating well, art – such great inspirations. I’d probably add laughter and play to the list but such a fun thing to think about! Thank you for this gift of a post!

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  2. Love this. But my way of leaning in is telling myself that EVERYTHING is happening for me. That guy who cut my queue? He’s teaching me patience, or the art of managing conflict. The laziness I feel each day? That’s my time to practise discipline. The traffic jam? Time for me to listen to an educational podcast and be smarter than yesterday.

    Sometimes it may almost seem like I’m lying to myself, but this outlook has helped me better navigate life. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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    1. That does take it up a level. Lovely way to navigate life and add to self-discipline especially during the times when you’re not feeling especially motivated. Have a great week!


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