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word of the week: “ease”

The Collins English Dictionary online has some interesting synonyms for the word “ease”.

I liked these instantly when I looked up the word in an effort to pinpoint why just the sound of the word “ease” can evoke so much calm. The particular synonyms for ease that stood out to me were “straightforwardness”, “simplicity”, and “readiness”.

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A straightforward, simple plan for the week with preparation in advance to ensure “readiness” for most things can bring so much more ease into our lives.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that a focus on developing ease and a happy, contented rhythm in life can make all the difference between having a good week or a frazzled one.

This is not to say that there is one simple strategy that will somehow reduce all the stress in our lives. Rather, it is about thinking about our days in advance and being intentional about setting up our routines and our environment so we are bringing as much ease into our everyday as we can.

If that means getting up earlier to avoid the stress of a rushed start to the day or giving ourselves ample time to prepare for a challenging task, then taking the time to figure it out could be well worth the extra effort!

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“People who seem to stick to good habits with ease are often benefitting from an environment that makes those behaviors easier.” – James Clear

What are some of your favorite routines and strategies that bring more ease into your life?

Have a great first week of May!


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