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Today’s motivational nudge: Get out of your own way

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I’ve been taking a blogging break lately. The funny thing is that the more you don’t do something the more you end up not doing it – even if you know you’ll enjoy it once you get going.

So, on that particular note, today’s motivational nudge is all about getting out of your own way.

Here are 3 strategies for doing just that:

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  • Start working on whatever it is that you’re not doing but want to do
    • This sounds obvious and it is and also isn’t. If you’re someone who specializes in delving deep into the “why” of things, now is the time to put down the “why” and move on to the “do” phase.
  • Add ease into the “doing” of things
    • Simplify, simplify and simplify some more. If you’re overcomplicating something and have a wonderful inspirational vision of everything you’re going to get done – only, it’s a bit too much, then put that particular vision board down. Start with something easy that flows and is authentic to where you are right now.
  • Forgive and let go
    • If you’ve been putting on the “I’m not doing enough” hat and keeping it on, take that particular hat off and set it aside. Forgive yourself for not being perfect and let go of all the negative thoughts that can act as barriers to being in a state of flow.
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What have some of your strategies been for getting out of your own way?

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Hope you’re doing well. Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Get out of your own way

  1. I took a blogging break, too. Unplanned. Just back. I missed it! For me, I always feel so good when I finally start whatever I’ve been procrastinating. So I try to remember that good feeling to encourage me to just get started.

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