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Today’s motivational nudge: Don’t negotiate with yourself

If you’ve ever procrastinated, you’re familiar with all the internal negotiation our minds are so good at – all the different versions of – “maybe I should press the snooze button one more time; well – actually, I really, really shouldn’t; ok, well, maybe one more time” – as we decide to procrastinate just one more time with a not-so-good feeling about that particular decision.

Those internal signals that tell us that putting something off is not a good idea might be on to something!

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Procrastination can be one way to negotiate with ourselves to put off doing something that is actually aligned with what we truly know is good for us from a holistic perspective.

Instead of negotiating with ourselves in those moments, it is important to reinforce all the reasons we actually need to do that thing.

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Then, we can spend the time we would have spent procrastinating to figure out the simplest first step instead. If a 30 minute workout first thing in the morning feels like too much, maybe the simplest first step could be to change into workout gear – or march in place for 5 minutes right in that moment.

Today’s motivational nudge is: Don’t negotiate with yourself in those moments when you know that it is to your detriment.

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Instead, get started on doing that thing that you know you really need to get done today.

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Don’t negotiate with yourself

  1. This is me every morning when I need to run or exercise. What’s supposed to be an 8 a.m. thing turns into 10 a.m., and I always tell myself I’ll do better tomorrow, but I end up procrastinating again. The important thing here is that it’s when we’re our weakest that it’s most important to do push ourselves, because it’s only in those moments that we grow. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. So simple and yet so true! I have my list of things to do in the morning, if I get up & get it done it’s a great start to the day, if I lie in bed thinking about it, even for ten minutes, be motivation wanes and inevitably something falls from the list.

    I like the idea of starting small, keeping promises we make to ourselves is so important so starting small and increasing slowly once the good habit is engrained started makes sense.

    Thanks for sharing.

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