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Little acts of courage

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Those daily, tiny acts of courage mean just as much as big heroic acts.

Noteworthy acts of heroism often make it into to the daily news. However, each time someone squares their shoulders, takes a deep breath and does something that is challenging for them, they deserve all the recognition in the world as well.

I think that those tiniest acts of courage and people who try new things despite hardship, worry and self-doubt are just as important to acknowledge. All the little things add up.

I dedicate this blog post to:

The person who’s recovering from an illness and decides to venture out for their first walk since being sick despite feeling a little wobbly.

The parent who is exhausted but still does all the little things their child needs every single day.

The child who takes that first and then second step. The adolescent who leaves home for the first time.

The college student who moves to a different city far away from home for a first job.

Anyone who is trying to get back up on their feet after a break up or a job loss or a rejection or any one of those hard things that we all go through as humans.

The person who dreams of something bigger and then takes the first step to try and make it happen.

Anyone who is moving from away from a location they’ve been in for the longest time and it is hard to let go.

The parents who allow their child that extra bit of freedom despite the worry of what lies ahead.

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The brave person who writes a poem for the first time and shares it.

The person who feels too young and too inexperienced to try something new and scary but does so any way.

The person who feels too old and too tired to try something new and scary but does so any way.

And every one everywhere who is taking a deep breath and deciding to do something just a little bit out of their comfort zone despite feeling tentative about it.

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20 thoughts on “Little acts of courage

      1. Glad to hear..I had thought Omicron wouldn’t be as tough to deal with especially if vaccinated – so frustrating that covid still is so much to deal with. Hope you’re back to normal very soon.

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