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Today’s motivational nudge: Develop pockets of purpose

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There is something powerful about being in a state of flow – those moments in time when your purpose is aligned with your actions and everything flows fluidly without any form of resistance.

What if we were to develop pockets of purpose for different areas of our lives that mean the most to us in this moment?

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If we were to stop to think about it and focus in on the reason or purpose for a particular priority, we can sort out the underlying thread of what matters most to us.

If we were to connect to pockets of specific purpose for each category of life that drives our days, then we would be removing any resistance – and it would be easier to be in a state of flow most of the time.

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As an example, you may have 3 specific pockets of purpose – to connect with your loved ones, to contribute value at work and to connect to a depth of joy, resilience and strength within.

To stay in these pockets of purpose, when spending time with your loved ones you could focus in and ask yourself – “am I truly connecting – how can I be more present and listen more?”.

When working, you could ask, “am I contributing what I want to contribute – what can I do that truly adds value from my perspective..?”.

When spending time unwinding, you could ask yourself – “can I do something today that brings me joy and is good for my wellbeing ?”.

Each time you connect in with your purpose for doing what you do, and perhaps give that action more focus, you’ll add to moments of feeling empowered.

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What are some of your pockets of purpose? How can you be more present within them today?


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