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Simple ways to get unstuck

There are times when you just want to go from feeling bogged down from all that every day stress to feeling lighter and free from anxiety. While problems and challenges can often come up in each of our lives, sometimes taking little actions and making a few key mindset changes can make all the difference. Here are some simple ways to get unstuck if you’re feeling a little stagnant in any area of your life:

Resolve one small thing you’ve been putting off

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All the little things we procrastinate about can weigh us down without our even realizing it. If you’ve been meaning to mail out that birthday card or call someone you’ve lost touch with or do anything that seems like a tiny action, decide to do it today. If you address one small thing that subconsciously weighs on you, you’ll free up energy for other things. There’s also the added benefit of knowing that you’ve checked at least one thing off your list.

Decide to “un-give up” in an area of life you’ve let slide

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I realize “un-give up” isn’t a word or a phrase but in my opinion it should be! There are areas of life that are more challenging than others. It can be tempting to just focus on the aspects of life that are going well and to give up on or ignore other aspects of life that are more challenging. These can be any challenges that are important to deal with on the surface, yet you’ve put off addressing them for one reason or another.

Make the decision to lean into the discomfort of any particular challenge. Come up with a clear, very doable plan to address at least some part of what is challenging. Un-give up and work on overcoming any obstacles one step at a time.

Put on your creativity hat

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Working on something that brings out your creativity and provides joy can help to re-energize and invigorate your frame of mind. If you’ve been stuck in a routine, choose to spend some time on making something new from scratch. Art, music, a recipe, a poem, a short story – any of these or anything that gets your creative juices flowing will also help with getting out of that feeling of being stuck or stagnant.

Get some fun exercise minutes in

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Pick a joyful form of exercise for you and spend at least 30 minutes having fun. This could be dancing, a sport, skipping rope – anything that is doable and fun for you. This is a good way to change it up and has the added benefit of giving you the energy and positive impetus to do more the rest of the day.

Envision the other side of stuck

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A New York Times article, here, talks about how Olympians use imagery as mental training. It describes techniques used by sports psychologists to help athletes create imagery scripts for breaking down the competition process and visualizing success from point A to point Z.

The goal of an imagery script is to give athletes a way to envision each step of the competition in detail – a way to use all of their senses to visualize everything from the start of the competition, to the process of competing, to eliminating any fear as it comes up and finally to accomplish the outcome they are specifically aiming for.

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We can use this strategy as well and create our own imagery scripts that take us step by step to the other side of what we’re feeling stuck about.

Take a few minutes to tap into your own inner Olympic athlete and envision how you’re going to win gold in your own particular challenge. Interestingly, the article states that even if the majority of athletes never achieve the perfect outcome despite visualizing it, they feel empowered and reassured.

Even if we don’t achieve perfect outcomes, visualizing step by step success can help with giving us the ability to see ourselves progressing and expanding beyond our own comfort zones – which in turn can give us the impetus to do exactly that.

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Do any of these strategies resonate with you? What are your strategies for getting re-invigorated if you’ve been feeling the need for change?


15 thoughts on “Simple ways to get unstuck

  1. I Love this! ❤️ I love the un-give-up to tackle one small thing that you gave up on and try and get it done. I know I’m weighed down by life’s challenges and just give up when I should do something. To help me get unstuck, I do crafts either crochet or cross-stitch projects. It helps keep my mind and body relaxed as I create! So smart to take things one at a time or even in small bites when overwhelmed. 😀

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  2. Resolving something I’ve been putting off is definitely a miracle task. Even something as small as clearing my kitchen table, or rearranging one shelf in my fridge. That’s such an underrated thing to do, and I’m glad you mentioned it. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

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