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Translating “I’m a little worried” to “I need”

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Lately I’ve been thinking about what I can do about the different things I worry about. I was reading an article on how baby birds under two weeks old open their beaks and peep when they are hungry. As they grow older they call out much more loudly to their parents (not unlike baby humans!)

As we grow older, a lot of us stop asking for what we need both from ourselves and from others. If we translate at least some of our worries into what we need from ourselves and then take action, perhaps we can start to decrease some of the stress.

Some ways to do this are:

🌼 If you’re worried about the people in your life – maybe the need is extra communication. Talk to them more often to alleviate the worry and to offer help if they need it.

🌼 If you’re worried about getting sick, there may be a need to do more to stay healthy. Create a better workout routine, a better nutrition plan and a bigger focus on preventive care and all the precautions that these pandemic times demand.

🌼 If you’re worried about not getting to an important early morning appointment on time, perhaps extra reminders and enough of a time buffer are the needs of the moment – set two alarms and give yourself a very large buffer of time in case something causes a delay.

I’m finding that if I take the time to turn my worries into action and to focus away from the “what ifs”, it is much easier to stay positive.

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What have your strategies been to stay centered during anxiety causing times?


4 thoughts on “Translating “I’m a little worried” to “I need”

    1. Thank you. Sitting with worries can sometimes seem so much easier than acting on them! It is good to dig a little deeper and find other ways to cope that are even a little more productive. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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