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Today’s motivational nudge: Be intentional about how you go all in

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Two quick paths to burnout are to go all in and give your absolute all to everything all the time – or, to go all in on something you just don’t resonate with.

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There is so much validity in giving something your very best – the caveat, however, is that we all need to pause and be intentional about what we’re giving our all to and for how much time during our days.

This goes hand in hand with getting clear about our overall priorities – where do we want to be overall in both our personal and professional lives?

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If you’re overextending yourself in one area of your life at the expense of another, this is the perfect time to start to spend more intentional and high quality time on those areas you’ve been neglecting.

If you’ve been working hard on something that wasn’t even something you wanted to do to begin with or that is no longer a priority, this is the perfect time to switch and move towards to what truly matters to you in the present.

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Today’s motivational nudge is: Be intentional about how you’re going all in.

Have a peaceful, purposeful and joy filled day.


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