This week’s motivational nudge: Take initiative

Taking initiative is an antidote to feeling helpless – something that a lot of us are starting to feel with everything about the pandemic in the news lately.

Our options are to sink into our literal shells and contract and do less – or we can expand, think beyond this and decide that there are always things we can do within the given constraints.

Today’s motivational nudge is: Take initiative.

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>> Create that list of empowering actions that you’re going to check off and accomplish this week.

>> If you’re feeling a little blue about the whole situation, visualize the other side of stuck – think of what you can do rather than about all the things that are challenging.

>> Stick to your healthy habits and schedule – don’t let this be the reason for eating that tub of ice cream (I may be talking to myself here!)

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>> Give yourself the leeway to take breaks but then keep going back to your list of actions that will help you to accomplish your big picture goals.

>> Listen to the part of you that is telling you to get up and get going.

If you need one more motivational nudge, here is one on reversing the domino effect from one not-so-great moment.

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What are you planning to get done this week? What are some of your biggest goals?

12 thoughts on “This week’s motivational nudge: Take initiative

  1. I’m sitting on my laptop next to my son is working remotely on his laptop. I’m here to help him with whatever he needs, but also I have time to blog, read blogs, proof read my HOA newsletter and begin editing my NaNoWriMo novel from November.

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  2. I actually got a goal planner to help me with this. I realize that I need to set some time frames on the things I want to accomplish. That said, things are on hold at the moment as I care for a child who just had surgery and a mom in the hospital. Good tips.

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  3. Last Friday I did something for work that I procrastinated for four months. How absurd! I felt so energised after I did the task — what was I thinking?! I always start every day with a personal and work to-do list, and sometimes I put things in the list I’ve already done just to give myself a little sense of accomplishment before the day starts! Thanks for the post. It feels so good to get stuff done instead of thinking about how it has to get done.

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