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How to build an easy system of self care – 6 strategies to get started

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The phrase “self care” is used so much that many of us are desensitized to it. I think that if we step back and define self care as an intentional way to truly support and empower ourselves, it can be more meaningful.

A big part of self care is the process of figuring out our own systems for supporting our well being – systems that can be repeated every day without too much effort.

Here are 6 strategies to consider if you’re trying to build in easy ways of incorporating self care into your day:

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Create daily peaceful routines that are centering and grounding.

Consider having morning routine that supports you. This can include journaling, exercise, meditation, a nourishing breakfast, reading inspirational books and any other structured and elevating activities that give you strength and peace as you start your day.

Take 10 minute planned breaks during the day to pause, breathe, stretch and hydrate. This can help with bringing you back to center throughout the day. Take a short break after each task that feels challenging or overwhelming.

Create a nightly routine that helps you unwind. This can include reviewing your day and sorting through any challenges while preparing for the next day. Think of what can provide for a sense of calm as you turn in for the night. Taking an additional half hour before sleeping to relax and listen to favorite music or to read an interesting book can also be a relaxing way to close out your day.

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Set up regular ways to connect in a meaningful way with loved ones.

Put blocks of time in your schedule for the people in your life – times when you will either spend time in person or call to connect. If you want to make new friends and connections, schedule in time to go to activities where you will meet people with similar mindsets or interests.

Knowing that you have a specific times set aside to connect will give you something positive to look forward to and help with strengthening important relationships

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Cultivate a morning or evening gratitude routine.

Start a running gratitude list that you update each day as a reminder of all that is good in your life and all the things you appreciate about the people in your life.

In times of stress, this can be easy to overlook but sometimes we need to focus in on the good to remember that it is there.

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Switch to mindfulness and meditation when you’re stressed.

Do something meditative when you’re stressed. This could be anything from a meditation practice to reading something inspirational to journaling or sitting outside in the sunshine and enjoying nature.

Take 10 minutes each night journal out all your thoughts and clarify priorities for the next day. Clarify what you absolutely need to get done the next day so you can wake up with a clear head and a plan. Spend that time to sort through whatever bothered you during your day.

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Set aside time to prepare ahead,

Give yourself the benefit of preparing ahead of time to decrease stress. Being prepared in even the simplest of ways can add to that sense of peace as you start your day.

This can also include doing those things we procrastinate about like getting your preventive health checkups so you can address any small issues before they become bigger. If you make and add those preventative healthcare appointments that you typically forget about throughout the year to your digital or paper calendar with several reminders, you’ll end up going.

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Most of all, do the things that inspire you and bring you joy and laughter now instead of saving them for later.

“Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.”

— Michael Landon Jr.


13 thoughts on “How to build an easy system of self care – 6 strategies to get started

  1. These are six very good strategies. I am reading a book titled, “A Year of Self-Care.” My son gave it to me yesterday. Your six ideas are part of this author’s suggestions, too. I’m in need of a lot of self-care right now. I caught RSV from Bob … and my sneezing/coughing kept me awake last night. Sometimes God knocks us down – like turning over the money-changers’ tables – and says, “Stop now!”

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