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Starting a New Year: Reasons to not do what you’ve always done (happy 2022!)

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Can you believe it is 2022? Time seems to be divided into pre and post-start-of-pandemic and the pandemic part of it has lasted far too long! I hope this year brings joy and lightness and hope to everyone reading.

I feel the need for change and elevation and doing things differently even more so this year.

The other day I was going through dusty old boxes and found a pile of books on different diet plans from eons ago. I looked at them remembering the different ways I used to turn myself into a pretzel trying to follow those diets and thought that I couldn’t remotely imagine considering picking one of these books up today.

Back then, if one diet menu didn’t work, I’d try another one – all without considering the bigger picture of how to build a healthy diet and lifestyle that I could sustain over time.

When I look at other collections of things that are collecting dust in boxes from a not so long ago past, I realize that at times I kept throwing similar ideas at problems even when the basic premise of those ideas didn’t work.

It was the best I knew to do at the time and I’m glad I was trying different things. Now, with the 20/20 vision of hindsight, I realize that my pattern was to keep going for the ease of the familiar.

This particular throwback moment was a reminder for me to change it up and take the opportunity to start anew and do things differently in this brand new year.

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To start fresh in 2022, if for some reason what you’re doing in a particular area of your life isn’t working, consider stepping away. Put down the same strategy you’ve been using repetitively and do something different.

🌻 Talk to someone you haven’t talked to before.

🌻Consider a new perspective.

🌻 Read a book you would never consider reading in a million years.

🌻 Listen to some new music.

🌻 Have a conversation with someone who is your polar opposite.

Even if it doesn’t work out in exactly the way you would want, you will have expanded your knowledge base and taken a small step out of your comfort zone.

Happy 2022!

Wishing you an amazing, joyous and stress-free year filled with new and enriching experiences.

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10 thoughts on “Starting a New Year: Reasons to not do what you’ve always done (happy 2022!)

  1. Doing something or anything differently than I normally would have done is such a scary area to go into because of the uncertainty; however, you’re right I’m trying new things because it also helps you grow as a person. You’ll learn more and build your character instead of staying stagnant. I plan to do the same as well. Happy new year!

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  2. I think we all need to step out of our comfort zone once in awhile. It’s better to step out on our own free will than to be forced, which often happens when life throws us a curveball. By trying new things and hearing someone else’s perspective, we’re able to adapt to unforseen circumstances in our own lives better.

    And as far as the pandemic goes, yes, it has lasted far too long. It has, however, made me realize we take too much for granted as a society. I became a widow not long after it started (and no, his death was NOT Covid-related) and missed having the support a funeral provides.

    May 2022 be a better year for everyone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving the rest of us something to think about so we can move forward and enjoy life. 🙂

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  3. Totally agree! Stepping out of your comfort zone is the only way to grow. I’m going to join a book club to encourage me to read books I would never normally choose. Only a small thing but it all adds up. I have a quote on my wall – ‘Great things never come from comfort zones’! Thanks for sharing this post!

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