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Simple Holiday Joys

I was tagged by @ Suzanne-Happily Decluttered to write about simple holiday joys. Michelle from Boomer Eco Crusader started this lovely tag. Thank you Suzanne for tagging me and for the opportunity to step away from the stress and think about what is important during this season!

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The objective of the tag is to highlight 3 simple aspects of the season that bring you joy.

The Rules

  1. Write a blog post explaining three simple things that bring you joy at this time of year.
  2. Link back to the original post.
  3. If you want, tag your friends to participate

All the pandemic news was giving me pause and it took a moment to focus back in on what is important. While some aspects of this season are stressful, there are also simple things that I often take for granted that bring joy and sparkle to this time of the year.

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3 Simple Holiday Joys

  1. Sitting around the table with family and spending time catching up on all the little and big things that happened during the year: There is something about the end of the year that brings up so much emotion and nostalgia for years past – especially right before the year turns into another one and we’re reminded of how quickly time flies. It’s nice to look back and groan or laugh about all the things that happened.
  2. Holiday treats: I have to admit that a healthy diet takes a back seat for a few days at the end of the year. I love all the treats and cozy recipes that are warming and fun to make during this time.
  3. Thinking about others: This is a time of the year when so many of us step back and think of others a little more. Whether it is figuring out what someone would like for a gift or inviting someone for a meal or participating in a holiday potluck and bringing something others would enjoy, there is a lot more thoughtfulness around how to give to the people in our lives. I enjoy doing more of that and am always reminded that it is important to have a giving and thoughtful mindset throughout the year – that all the little gestures mean more than you’d think.
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My Nominations

Since it is a busy time of the year, instead of naming anyone in particular, I am tagging everyone reading. I’d love for you to participate in this tag and share your simple holiday joys and what is meaningful to you during this season.

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Have a great week!


8 thoughts on “Simple Holiday Joys

    1. I’m new to this too (my first tag!) but I think the idea is to write a blog following the rules listed. You can also see Michelle and Suzanne’s posts for reference (their links are in this post). Looking forward to reading your post!

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