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3 weekly journaling prompts: this week’s theme – renewal

Often, at the end of the year, we feel bogged down by an accumulation of responsibilities during what can be a gloomier and colder season. Instead of allowing for stress to take over, we can decide to make this the time to think about renewal and replenishing our reserves. Why wait till spring and the beginning of a new year to refresh and re-energize?

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This week’s theme of renewal or the process of making new again connects us back into the thought process of starting over with an optimistic and forward-looking mindset. We can rebuild and strengthen ourselves in areas where we need that fresh beginning.

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Here are 3 sets of journaling prompts for this theme of renewal:

  1. Are there any areas of your life where you want to start something new? What is the first thing that comes to mind and can you take a small action to get started?
  2. Is it time to have a fresh new approach to something you’ve been doing the same way for awhile? Is there a new skill you can learn or a different idea you’d like to try?
  3. What activities are energizing and revitalizing for you? What makes you feel healthier, more vibrant and less stressed? What aspect of self care do you need to pay attention to the most right now? Can you make a plan to add more of these activities to your every day?
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And a bonus prompt:

>> What are you most thankful for when you look back at the past year? What brought you the most joy? How can you do more of what brings you joy this week?

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