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Minimalism mindset – 5 ways I’m paring down and 5 ways I’m adding more

In this journey to let go of what adds to stress, I’m letting go of some things but also doing more of others.

We often talk about what’s leaving our lives when we think of paring down. I think so much good either enters our lives because we have made the space for it or because we’re finally focusing on our priorities.

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Here are 5 things I’m doing less of in an effort to pare down:

  1. Collecting duplicates of the same thing. I would often re-purchase something I loved in a different color or design or even as a back up. I’ve discovered that by the time I get around to using the duplicate, it isn’t as appealing and I may not even need it any longer.
  2. Spending excessive amounts of time on any device. This is a tough one. I am attached to all my devices – both literally and figuratively. I am making the extra effort to be intentional about the amount of time I spend on any device instead of letting all the distractions add up. There is so much freedom to be gained from this – I’d recommend trying a device detox if you’ve been thinking about this as well.
  3. Going through lists of things on sale especially on big sale days like Black Friday. Although I have to admit to occasionally perusing the sales for the enjoyment of looking, I’ve drastically reduced the amount of time spent looking at things that can be purchased whether or not they’re on sale. This saves so much time and prevents clutter from collecting.
  4. Adding to my collections of things. Instead of adding to the number of favorite physical objects I have, I’m spending the time to donate what I don’t use or foresee using to organizations or people who will truly get value from it.
  5. Getting influenced to purchase the latest innovation or beauty product or… I support technological innovation as well as all the new beautiful things that entrepreneurs create. However, I’ve found that a simplified routine works best for me and having the latest of anything isn’t usually necessary. I’d rather use what I own instead of purchasing something new and succumbing to the admittedly enticing marketing.
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5 things I’m doing more of in an effort to add what matters more:

  1. Spending time with people in my life instead of being pulled in different directions by distractions. I think it is easy sometimes to take the more important things for granted. Making that extra effort to prioritize meaningful time with loved ones makes a big difference.
  2. Focusing on adding joy filled and healthy activities and subtracting what takes away from a balanced, fulfilling life. I’ve been adding different types of exercise, trying new recipes and baking from scratch, writing, journaling – all the activities that haven’t always been on my priority list that add so much more to life than things we own or the distractions that take so much time out of our days.
  3. DIY projects. I’ve been adding more DIY projects into the mix. Creating something from scratch brings its own joy.
  4. Setting boundaries around my time. I’m more intentional about keeping my priorities in mind and am striving to consistently say no to what doesn’t work for me.
  5. Spending time in nature. As the weather gets colder this is harder to do but is so invigorating.
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Have you added to or subtracted from your daily routine in an effort to remove distractions and stress? What strategies have been working for you?


7 thoughts on “Minimalism mindset – 5 ways I’m paring down and 5 ways I’m adding more

  1. Love the part about not buying duplicates. I always do buy in duplicates thinking that if I found something I like, then buying a few of them will reduce decisions about what to wear. But instead it turns out to be clutter somehow…

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  2. I love the suggestion about not buying duplicates. I always do this! I do it because I think it will reduce the number of decisions I have to make, but then I get stuck with all the same thing that I don’t want to wear, and I’ve just ended up collecting stuff. Thanks for the perspective!

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