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Today’s motivational nudge: Clarify your intention for the day

If you look up the word “intention” in the Merriam Webster dictionary, two of the many definitions listed are “what one intends to do or bring about” and “a determination to act in a certain way“.

Envisioning an outcome for the time we spend during the day and then determining how to get there are both equally important.

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So many of us don’t set a conscious intention for each day. It only takes a few moments to clarify an intention, give it form and elevate what we do as humans to contribute to the universe every day. An intention can serve as a gentle reminder for what you innately know you want to do on a holistic level.

As an example, if I were to set a specific intention to be actively kind as I get what I need to done – I will have reminded myself to be kinder, more empathetic and more clearly aligned with what my inner self would like me to be as I interact with the world.

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Sometimes opposing feelings about what we want can keep us from having a clear vision for how to set a specific intention for the day. We could potentially have the intention to protect ourselves and keep ourselves safe (especially during a pandemic) while also having the intention to be courageous and fearless in our decisions.

Two seemingly opposing ideas can co-exist peacefully if we clarify how we’d like proceed if we feel conflicted. The two needs from the example above of staying safe yet also being courageous can be incorporated into a singular intention. We can decide to be bold yet discerning in our actions so we can honor the need for feeling safe. Sorting through conflicting visions of what we’d like to happen prevents action paralysis and honors our different needs and aspirations.

If you’ve been on auto pilot for awhile, take a moment today to set an intention for the rest of your day. It could be as simple as having more fun and joy in your life or as deep as contributing to world peace. Either way, it will add to the depth of your day and these precious moments.

Have you been on auto pilot lately? How are you bringing more intention into your every day moments?

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