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Today’s motivational nudge: Start your day with strength and confidence

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Starting the day with panache, aplomb, a spring in your step, a song in your heart and joy in your soul – just pure confidence in the universe and life itself – that is the best way to make each day sparkle.

Confidence and strength do seem like hard things to reach for if you’re tired out, feeling a bit blue and generally lack luster. In fact, it is during these times that we can get into more of a slump.

While it isn’t always easy to turn on a confidence switch, it does help to have regular, slump busting routines that provide an extra boost so you can be your best self and walk into the day with extra confidence and a positive outlook.

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Here are 5 ways to get that extra spring in your step first thing in the morning:

  1. Start with the night before! Give yourself the comfort of a good night’s sleep with an intentional, nurturing night time routine. We’ve all heard this so many times but it is important to put away the devices, have a relaxing unwinding routine and sleep at a time that will give you 7-8 hours before starting the next day.
  2. Give yourself a morning boost with an AM routine that nurtures body and spirit. Wake up and make your bed. If you love to exercise in the morning, block out time to do that. Set out clothes the night before so you can shower and dress in what makes you feel confident first thing in the morning. Give yourself time for a healthy, sit down breakfast. Take 10 minutes to set an intention for your day and list out your top 3 priorities.
  3. Let go of negative thoughts from the day before. If something from the day before is bringing you down, decide to let it go. Give yourself a pep talk and a reminder that today is a fresh new day and that you have within you the power to be positive, optimistic and confident as you get what you need to done. Put yourself in a place of gratitude by thinking of all the blessings in your life.
  4. Put on your favorite upbeat music during your commute or as you start your day at home. Happy, upbeat music that strikes a chord within is a fun way to cheer up and get moving.
  5. De-clutter your space before starting the day. If you have a work space, clear off the clutter, get rid of anything that needs to be thrown out and make it a space that is functional for you and appealing to work from as you start your day. If you are at home de-clutter the areas where you’ll be spending the most time so you can feel good about starting the day in a serene space.

Set up daily routines that are consistently positive and empowering and help with staying positive and starting each day with a higher level of confidence and optimism.

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Have a truly wonderful day!


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