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Makeovers – does it make sense to get one?

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Talk shows, magazines and all kinds of media thrive on the before and after. I’ve always wondered what happens the day after – did the make over magic last? Or were the uncomfortable shoes flung into a corner, never to be worn again? So many of us want to reach for an inner fantasy of how we want to be and look.

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I do think the best version of us – confident, poised and ready to take on what we need to is one we should cultivate and spend more time with. I also think it is important to embrace the version of us that sits in a pair of pajamas with messy hair drinking a hot cup of coffee while lamenting about the state of things.

Both of those versions of us are fully us and equally endearing. One version does take a little more effort. We inhabit different spaces at different times and we can make the choice to inhabit the space in which we feel confident and empowered more of the time.

If a makeover provides the impetus for stepping into our confident selves more, then maybe it could be just the motivation we need..

..or maybe not...maybe comfortable shoes are more important..

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Would you get a makeover?


8 thoughts on “Makeovers – does it make sense to get one?

  1. Possibly. Good to get tips for different make up/hair. But it does annoy me that any makeover seems to involve ridiculous high heels, as if a woman can only look her best in such footwear. I would refuse to wear them as I love walking and mostly I feel women look silly and uncomfortable in them rather than attractive.

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  2. I’ve had, maybe not a true “makeover”, but a few instances where someone gave me a very different hairstyle from what I usually wear, or dramatically different makeup. I actually really liked my new looks! But neither of these changed my lifestyle or myself enough for me to maintain my new looks.

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