Reaching for more

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We’re all reaching for more. Reaching for different. Reaching for new. The beautiful present unfolds in front of our eyes as we longingly look beyond it for more.

We miss out on taking in that deep revitalizing breath of fresh air, seeing that petal move gently with the breeze, hearing the tinkle of a child’s laughter and feeling the gaze of the person longing to connect with us.

We strive, we work hard, we achieve impossible goals and get to the more..but that’s not where we stop because there’s an endless vista of more to strive for.

Maybe if we paused every now and again to be still, we could stop and be peaceful.

This week, my word of the week is “still”.

4 thoughts on “Reaching for more

  1. What a cool perspective. And it’s true, because the moment is all we have. Not the future, and certainly not the past. It’s right now where we hold all the power, and one thing we can do with that power is to just be. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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