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The joy of de-cluttering slowly

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I love the idea of de-cluttering but when it comes to the actual letting go of the object that I picked up and fell in love with 5 years ago, my resolve can crumble – even if I no longer use it.

I’ve found that massive Marie Kondo style declutters are not my thing at the moment although they are perfect if you want quick results.

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At the moment, I need a much gentler approach. The kind that allows me to let go of a little at a time while making peace with the fact that while I may have loved owning something at a certain time, it is actually detracting from my life at the moment.

A while ago I found that my local library had started holding book donation drives. My much loved books that needed new readers ended up in book sales where other avid readers descended on them to find gems to pore over. This was a so much more acceptable and liberating way of letting go of books I had been attached to as compared to dropping them off at a recycling location. I finally let go of them with the knowledge that they were going to another home where they were going to be be read and enjoyed.

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I’ve found the same joy in donating clothes I can no longer wear to places where they will truly be used. It does take more time to find the exact right place for each thing. However, this slower and more intentional method of de-cluttering gives me a more purposeful reason to let go of things that are, after all, just things.

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Do you prefer to de-clutter and let go of things quickly or do you prefer a slower approach?


7 thoughts on “The joy of de-cluttering slowly

  1. I love this perspective, I associate decluttering with the stress of trying to do it all at once. But it’s wise to instead slow down and bring mindfulness to the process. Thanks for a great post!

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  2. I am with you. I need to let go of things slowly. At my home in CA there was a thrift shop that took donations a few blocks from my house. It was for a good charitable cause. At our new home, I’ve found a similar place not too far away. I still have boxes hidden away in closets that I need to go through.

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