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Getting to Planner Joy – 5 Good Reasons to Get a Paper Planner

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The joy that comes from using a paper planner is very specific. There are good reasons to have a digital planning app at your disposal as well, however, a paper planner can bring that additional spark of joy and something to look forward to every day.

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Here are 5 good reasons to pick up your favorite paper planner and start using it right away:

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  1. Writing on paper gives more spacial and tactile cues to our brains which promote better memory when we write. This means that the to-do list you want to keep track of will stay top-of-mind longer if you use a paper planner.
  2. There is something special about flipping the page to a new week and starting afresh. If you want the feeling of creating something new each week, a paper planner gives you a fresh start with the flip of a page. Each week gives you a fresh, blank space to create and plan.
  3. It can be meditative to put all your technology away at night and take out your paper planner to clarify your priorities and remind yourself of your schedule for the next day. If you’re feeling exceptionally organized, you can take the time to check off everything you completed from your weekly task list. Just that physical act of checking off a to-do list can be extremely satisfying.
  4. You can choose to use all kinds of stationery – pens, pencils, paints and highlighters in a medley of colors to color code different sections of your planner and add in sketches or artistic flourishes. If you’re a stationery buff, the joy of using beautiful colors and inks will remind you of fun childhood play times filled with artistic activities. We can all use a little more color and art in our lives!
  5. You can use sections of your planner for art or to scrapbook as you collect paper tickets, leaves or anything that can be taped into a planner to remind you of a particular day. If you prefer a minimal aesthetic, you can choose to express your inner artist with calligraphy and sketches instead.

What is your favorite medium – paper or digital or a little bit of both when you’re planning or bullet journaling?

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9 thoughts on “Getting to Planner Joy – 5 Good Reasons to Get a Paper Planner

  1. Such a great post!! I miss paper journaling, and now I want to go buy a planner and it’s a good time as this year is coming to end so I can start next year! Great ideas here!! Inspirational too! Thank you for sharing! 🤩

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  2. I love my paper diary and my paper to do list at work, also my paper wall planner My husband says I’m old fashioned and teases me about this, but it works for me, I am well organised and like writing things down. The physical act of writing seems to lodge things in my brain in a way digital notes do not! 😊Also I much prefer reading a proper paper book rather than Kindle. I am disappointed if I get a text or e-card instead of a paper greetings card, it’s just not the same!

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  3. I agree! Anytime I can avoid using technology, I do. Writing things down with paper and pencil helps me remember my schedule and my to-do list. I also started using a combination of a happy planner and a bullet journal, so it has become a creative outlet for me as well.

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      1. They have tons of cool stuff. I like how their pages can easily be added or removed. I was originally using some of the Happy Planner layouts, but now that I have gotten a little more into bujo, I have been making a lot of my layouts. I like that I can keep my schedule, to-do list, and goal trackers all in one place.

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