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Today’s motivational nudge: Ask yourself good questions

I was reading an inspirational quote the other day that asked the reader to care for themselves as much as they would a child or pet they were responsible for. It was an anonymous quote on pinterest – I wish I could credit the author. If someone knows the reference, please do post it below.

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It did make me think that if we were to dig a little deeper – what would that mean? Do we do things differently for people or things we are responsible for and care deeply about? What would we do differently if we saw ourselves in the same light?

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>> Would you prepare yourself far in advance for something coming up that you’re worried about?

>> Would you praise yourself every time you made any sort of progress and celebrate all the little things?

>> Would you give yourself the healthiest meals possible to nourish yourself in the best way?

>> Would you have a consistent, healthy night time routine to ensure that you have enough sleep?

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Today’s motivational nudge is to ask yourself the question – what you would do differently if you were to care about yourself in the same way you would something or someone you were completely responsible for and wanted the best for – then, put those things on your to-do list, because you are worth spending that time on as well!

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5 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Ask yourself good questions

  1. That’s a really thought provoking piece, thank you for sharing. Probably in every decision we make, we should question whether we would say the same thing to a child or best friend. I certainly would tell myself to prioritise sleep and believe more in myself.

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