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7 healthy, caffeine-free beverages to try at home

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Coffee is my beverage of choice in the morning. I also love black tea and hot chocolate. These are all, unfortunately, caffeinated beverages and not the healthiest options to have during all hours of the day.

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In an effort to make getting those 8 glasses of water a day easier, I’ve switched over to these 7 alternatives for getting hydrated that are caffeine-free:

  1. Peppermint tea. This is a perfect calorie-free morning beverage. It feels invigorating without the effects of caffeine.
  2. Cinnamon soy milk. This is something I happened on by accident and absolutely love at night. Take a steaming hot cup of soy milk or your milk of choice and sprinkle cinnamon on top. You’ll be able to smell the fragrance of the cinnamon in the steaming milk. This is a lovely, soothing beverage that is worth a try if you feel like drinking something hot.
  3. Chamomile tea with lemon and honey. This is another soothing night time drink that can be just the thing to have in the evening.
  4. Water with a squeeze of lemon is perfect chilled on a hot day. It is also a good post-workout option.
  5. Hot tomato or pumpkin soup. Homemade tomato or pumpkin soup made with a thin consistency can be the best, comforting beverage to drink steaming hot from a mug on a cold fall day.
  6. Strawberry banana smoothies. These are delicious and can serve as a breakfast substitute on occasion. I like blending together frozen strawberries, a banana, some walnuts, soy milk or a milk of choice and some water to make a delicious cold smoothie.
  7. Green smoothies. These are an excellent way to get your greens for the day if you haven’t added spinach or kale to your meal entrees lately. Add a cup of spinach, an apple and/or a banana, chia or flax seeds, a carrot and some almond milk or your milk of choice into a blender jar with some ice or water depending on whether you want a thicker smoothie or a more diluted one. Add a tablespoon of honey (optional) if you want to sweeten your smoothie a little more. Blend for 1 minute, pour into a tall glass and enjoy.

What are some of your favorite healthy, caffeine-free beverages?

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