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Today’s motivational nudge: Make things easier

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I’m not sure what it is about does make for more complexity in life.

In some ways perhaps the adrenaline from stress does allow you to focus intently on the problem at hand.

However, I think that it is precisely in those times that we let so many other things fall by the wayside.

They either feel too complicated or just too much to address in that moment. It can be beneficial to have systems in place that reduce the complexity of everyday things so life is just a little bit easier even during challenging times.

Today’s motivational nudge is: Create systems for yourself that simplify and make your life easier.

🌱 Put things you use frequently in easy to reach, visible places.

🌱 Prepare for the next day the night before so your morning isn’t as hectic.

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🌱 Communicate with loved ones and all the people in your life early and often to prevent any sort of misunderstanding.

🌱 Step away from things or people that bring negativity into your life or create clear boundaries that work for you.

🌱 If you have a long commute, find a way to shorten it or figure out whether working remotely some of the time can be an option

🌱 If you’re working on a project or larger task, break it up into easy manageable chunks that are doable and not overwhelming in any way. Check off each small task after you get it done so you can see your accomplishments building toward greater goals.

🌱 Do what brings you joy on a daily basis so you have a block of time that is a much needed oasis to look forward to at all times.

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Do you have specific systems that really work for you to make things easier on a daily basis?

Hope your day is peaceful and stress-free.


5 thoughts on “Today’s motivational nudge: Make things easier

  1. Stepping away from negativity, creating clear boundaries, and breaking big jobs into small steps, have helped me immensely. The other thing I’ve learned is that taking care of myself physically is important, like reasonable exercise, drinking plenty of water, and adequate rest. I sometimes stay up too late, but, now, retirement allows some flexibility.

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