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6 ideas for updating your wardrobe without purchasing anything new (Fashion Friday)

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Keeping a streamlined wardrobe with pieces that have longevity yet keeping your style current can be an enjoyable challenge for the creative within each of us.

In an era of fast fashion, making the old new is an art that was put to the side for awhile but is now being revisited and appreciated as we start to value sustainability and what we have at home so much more.

I think the pandemic also gave us pause and the time to do more DIY projects and become more creative with our existing wardrobes.

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One of the reasons fast fashion has been so appealing to so many is that new, beautiful things are tempting especially when they are at a lower price point. It also gives us the ability to regularly change up and refresh our wardrobes as the seasons change.

If we take a moment to pause, rethink and revisit our own wardrobes, we can find alternate ways to get that feeling of new or different by changing our approach to a wardrobe refresh.

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Here are 6 ideas to consider if you want to update your current wardrobe without purchasing anything new:

  1. Start with a vision. Create a pinterest vision board and pin a plethora images of current styles that appeal to you and that you would like to try. Use all the inspiration to come up with looks from your own wardrobe that have the same vibe. Replicate the feel of the style instead of purchasing the exact items. If the vibe of the image is feminine and delicate with a focus on earth toned colors, pick out delicate pieces in your own wardrobe and add something in the same color scheme. This can be an article of clothing or an accessory that you can use to replicate the the feeling of the look that appeals to you. Sometimes combining what you already have in different ways can update your entire look.
  2. Learn simple ways to alter your clothes so they fit well and are current in their silhouette. This isn’t as difficult as you’d think if you’re not someone who sews. If you can learn to do a simple hand stitched hem, you can make tunic tops shorter and make longer pants ankle length. A hand stitched hem can be taken down if you want the garment to be longer again. In summer, an old pair of pants can be turned into shorts. If you’re feeling creative, you can try ideas like adding lace to a shorter top to lengthen it and taking in garments that are voluminous and don’t quite look right. Start with a garment in your give away pile to practice on and make re-imagining a garment a DIY project for a rainy Saturday afternoon.
  3. Dye lighter garments a different color. This can also be a fun, inexpensive experiment on an older garment that you were thinking of donating. It works better if you’re going from a light color to a darker color and is an excellent way to try a color in a shade that is new to you and updates your wardrobe.
  4. Get your hair cut in a beautiful new style and update your makeup technique. Sometimes just updating your hairstyle and makeup will make your entire wardrobe look different and updated. Learn how to style your hair in different ways and watch makeup artists create different looks that you can emulate to update your makeup as well.
  5. Use accessories to create a different silhouette. Give a shift dress or an oversized tunic a defined waist with a belt in your wardrobe if you want a more structured look. Switch up your jewelry from bold to delicate or vice versa using inspiration from your pinterest vision board. Try playing with scarves or necklaces to create different silhouettes.
  6. Create monochrome outfits and use accessories to complete the look. As an example, an all black, all ecru or all navy outfit as a base with a few key modern accessories can look very pulled together and of the season depending on how you style it.
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Most of all, enjoy exploring and being creative with your wardrobe again. Get inspired by your own ability to create and re-create styles that make you feel your best.

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Do you enjoy fashion – what are your favorite ways to make what’s old new again?


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